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Questions About Our Company

  1. What are the benefits of using our company?

    Some of the benefits of our printing company

    • 2 Business Day turnaround standard!
    • 1 Business Day Rush Service Available!
    • UV finishing is FREE!
    • 12pt C2S Stock Standard!
    • Secure Online Ordering / Job Tracking
  2. Do You Have A Designers Guide?

    Our design department has created a design guide for customers to ensure that their artwork comes out perfect. Click the "Printing 101" tab above.

  3. What quantities do you print?

    We print quantities as low as 500 up to a million or more! Anything not listed on our website can be quoted as a custom order.

  4. Where Are You Located

    We are located In the Heart of the capitol of the world in Time Square New York City, NY.

  5. What is UV and AQ?

    UV and AQ are abbreviations for the kind of coatings used on the print products we offer.

    AQ (Aqueous Coating) is a water based finish that helps protect and coat your job as it is being printed. This is our standard gloss coating. When you select the "No UV" option for your job we "seal" it with AQ. It is recyclable and environmentally safe.

    UV (Ultraviolet Coating) is a clear liquid spread over the paper like ink and then cured instantly with ultraviolet light. UV coating gives more protection and sheen than Aqueous Coating. Since it is cured with light and not heat, no solvents enter the atmosphere. However, it is more difficult to recycle than the other coatings. This coating is the "laminate style" coating that you see on ultra high gloss magazine covers. It is a second process which takes place after the run has been printed, though prior to it being cut. This coating adds a few hours to the printing process. It is more difficult to recycle.

    UV One Side (Ultraviolet One Side Coating) This option is specifically for postcard mailing customers. It combines the high impact gloss of UV with the mail functionality of Aqueous coating. Because this is a separate process completed after the printing has taken place, it takes a bit more time than our standard printed products, however it is worth the wait. For speed of printing purposes we do coat the non UV side with Aqueous.

  6. What Specialty Services Do You Provide?

    We provide a multitude of bindery and finishing services.

    • Folding
    • Scoring
    • Drilling Holes (for tags, etc..)
    • Perforations
    • Saddle Stitching
    • Gluing / Converting
    • Custom Die-Cutting
    • Rounded Corners
    • UV Coating
    • Standard Aqueous Coating

    If you have a special request, just give us a call!

  7. What is Gang Run Printing?

    Gang Run printing is the process of created printed pieces at substantially discounted prices. One of the pitfalls of Gang-Run printing is that we reliquish the control of individual piece color to compensate for the entire run. This does not mean your colors will be drastically different, but that in regards to Gang-Run printing- the industry standard practice is to accept a overall pleasing color, which is 90%-95% accurate to the image.

    Because of limitations with the Gang-Run printing process, the differences in equipment, paper, and neighboring image ink requirements- the accuracy of color reproduction is not guaranteed. By placing and order with our company you agree to this limitation.

    This is standard industry-wide. Our competitors follow the same guidelines.